Preparations Continue

Preparations continue for the Nine Spine reunion show. It’s interesting how much things have changed in the band’s dynamic in more than a decade. And how much more we’re invested in making sure you, our fans, have a great experience at our first show back together as a band.

At this point, we’re polishing up our set, but we still have three songs to re/learn as a group before we’re ready to play. Since three fourths of our crew works full time and we all have families, finding time to jam has been hard, and with the holidays, next to impossible.

We’re crossing our fingers for an end of January show. We should have a firm date for the show in the next week.

We’re planning a lot of special perks for people who bother coming to the show like free CDs, new music available first at our show, time hanging out with us after the show if you want, and more. So keep checking back for any new news.

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