Tyler Seamons

Tyler Seamons


What does a singer need to play a good show? Tyler has been lugging everyone else’s gear for so long, no one ever stopped to ask. But if you get the chance to ask, ask Chris to tell the story of when the box fell on Tyler’s head. You’re sure to laugh your butt off at Tyler’s expense. And if you don’t like how he sings, don’t tell him.

Tyler’s Favorite Nine Spine/Tractor Tunes

Sanded In and Under – I wrote these lyrics to one of my best friends in the world at a time when we were both transitioning in to a better and cleaner life. They still remind me that happiness is available any time.

Food Sucks¬†– Because of the name, I glossed over this song for a decade. I didn’t sing on Victory Lap and I’ve always felt a little like David Lee Roth listening to Van Haggar or something when I put on Victory Lap. But this song, lyrics written by Chris, is deep and emotional, and worthy of a second, third, fourth and fifth listen. Chris did masterful work in the lyrics.

Correct Change – I probably only wrote 75% of the lyrics in the whole Nine Spine catalog excluding Victory Lap, and the same for Tractor For Hire. But this tune, Correct Change, was the first time I was able to write an entire song without being the least autobiographical. And it told a great story that needed to be told.

To My Ceiling – Jer wrote the original lyrics with my editing them a bit, and they reach deep in to my guts when I listen to this. Plus we recorded the vocal in Jer’s closet in about three takes one afternoon in 2015. What’s not cool about that?